Kansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial


The Kansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial is dedicated to those Kansas firefighters known to have died in the line of duty. It is located just south of the Kansas Firefighters Museum, 1300 S. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas.

The museum is located in Old Engine House No. 6, a nearly century-old neighborhood fire station which was recently renovated by volunteers and retirees. The museum and memorial are situated on the northwest corner of Lincoln Park and across the street from a modern fire station.

The memorial courtyard includes:
• A life-size bronze statue of a firefighter discovering the helmet of a comrade amid fire debris
• A brick plaza of engraved bricks
• A memorial wall and meditation area
• A 50 foot tall flagpole
• A ceremonial area of engraved bricks
• Three ceremonial flagpoles


The winged memorial wall is located just south of the Kansas Firefighters Museum and holds the names of firefighters who have died in the line of duty in Kansas. The names are engraved in black granite and have the fire department and date of death. Each of the two sections is five feet tall by ten feet long.

The center portion is also black granite and is six feet tall by five feet wide. In the center portion of the wall the poem, “The Gentle Heroes,” is engraved.



The life-sized bronze statue is the creation of Wichita artist, Dorothy Koelling, whose works also include The Inheritance, at Exploration Place; The Jester, at the entrance to Century II; and Hardship and Dreams, in A. Price Woodard Park.

The statue is mounted on a black granite pedestal with the face of the firefighter at eye level and is facing Broadway Avenue.



A 50 foot flagpole saved from the demolition of old WFD Fire Station 9 at Kellogg and Oliver is placed near the statue. A United States flag is flown whenever the museum is open.

The courtyard consists of two parts. The area around the statue and memorial wall serves as an area for meditation and remembrance. The area south of the wall is an area suitable for celebrations and ceremonies. The wall and courtyard are illuminated with spotlights at night.

The courtyard is paved with engraved bricks and corporate stones sold as the major means of financing the project and providing for its maintenance.

How You Can Help

Improvement and maintenance of the Fallen Firefighters Memorial is dependent on donations and the sale of personalized engraved bricks. Bricks may be purchased at the Kansas Firefighters Museum for $30 which includes engraving.

There is room for three lines and up to 12 characters per line, depending on width of characters used. If families or organizations order several bricks at the same time, they may be placed together on the plaza.

Kansas FireFighter Museum Brick

“A place to remember and honor those firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow man.”

Walt E. Campbell, President
Wichita Retired Firefighters